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Softball: Owls take the series sweep over Tulsa to clinch the top seed in the AAC conference tournament

Florida Atlantic University softball team (41-13, 21-6 AAC) took the home series sweep over the University of Tulsa Golden Hurrican (29-22, 14-13 AAC).

Florida Atlantic University softball team (41-13, 21-6 AAC) took the home series sweep over the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane (29-22, 14-13 AAC). 

It was a monumental senior weekend for the Owls as they gained their 40th season win during game two, which is the best regular season record that the team has had in eight years. 

With the three wins, FAU clinched the top seed for the AAC tournament and shares the regular season AAC champion title with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (36-16, 21-6 AAC). 

“This is huge for our school. This is the first American championship. I’m just so glad that softball got to do it,” head coach Jordan Clark said after game three. 

Game 1 (Friday, May 3rd): FAU 8, Tulsa 7

The Owls’ senior weekend began with a significant comeback in game one during the final three innings. 

After a scoreless first inning, Tulsa was the first on the board with two players on bases and a homer was batted to give them a 3-0 lead. 

FAU had their first run during the bottom of the fifth after outfielder Kylie Hammonds showed her speed by racing home before Tulsa could tag her out, 1-3. 

The top of the sixth was dominated by Tulsa’s offensive strength. With loaded bases and two outs, the Golden Hurricane scored on their next three batters to extend their lead to 7-1. 

The Owls came back swinging and a homer by infielder Becca Jones brought their deficit to four. 

During the seventh inning, Tulsa had one strikeout and two caught balls so they couldn’t advance their lead any further. 

FAU came into the seventh with their momentum in full swing. Bases were loaded for the Owls after they had two walks, and a passed ball off the catcher’s glove allowed for outfielder Presley Leebrick to run home, 7-4. 

An infield hit by infielder Kiley Channell gave the Owls two more runs to be down by two with no outs. Tulsa continued to struggle with pitching and on loaded bases gave FAU a walk-on to win the game 8-7.

“You work all year for moments like that and to see that we came out on top and we scored the last three innings of the game to do it and have a walk-off, I just couldn’t be more proud,” Clark said after the game. 

Game 2 (Saturday, May 4th): FAU 8, Tulsa 2

FAU revered the tides in game 2 with an early home run during the bottom of the first on loaded bases by outfielder Kamryn Jackson to give them a 3-1 lead. 

Neither team scored for three innings but Tulsa broke the streak by hitting a homer to right field at the top of the fifth. 

With their 3-2 lead, the Owls came out with a dominating offensive performance in the bottom of the fifth. Jackson batted a single up middle field, allowing outfielder Cammeo Presutti to run home. Outfielder Trinity Schlotterback followed up with a two-run single in right field. FAU had one more run off a fly out to infield to put them up 7-2. 

In the bottom of the sixth, the Owls continued their batting strength and secured another run. 

At the top of the seventh, Tulsa’s comeback was cut short after FAU caught their hit to right field for their third out. 

The win brought FAU their 40th win of the season, a feat that hadn’t been done since 2016

“Shoutout to our team, to get 40 wins in a season is remarkable…To see 40 wins in a regular season is a testament to this team, the work that they’ve put in and our staff have put in. I’m just very proud. I think I have the best staff and the best team in the country,” Clark said. 

Game 3 (Sunday, May 5th): FAU 6, Tulsa 2

After winning the first two games of the series, FAU had goals to take a whole series sweep in game three. 

The Owls gained their first run in the bottom of the second off a single to right field by Channell. Tulsa had a throwing error and gave FAU their second run of the inning, 2-0. 

At the top of the fourth, the Golden Hurricane scored back-to-back to tie the game up at 2-2. 

In the bottom of the sixth, FAU’s Megan Moll hit her second home run of the season to bring the one-point lead to 6-2. 

This would be the last score of the game as Tulsa was unable to get anything on the board in the seventh inning and the Owls were able to take a full series sweep. 

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