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Welcome to the 16th Annual iLead
iLead is a catalyst for students to become change agents by enhancing their self-awareness, developing skills in others, and recognizing their purpose within the community. iLead Student Leadership Conference: LEVEL UP is where students will criss-cross through multiple levels of leadership development experience points to advance themselves into their next journey in the game of life.
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Level Up:


Level 1
Create change through SELF

This level challenges our players (students) to create change through themselves.


  • Consciousness of Self: An awareness of beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate one to take action.
  • Congruence: Thinking, feeling, and behaving with consistency and authenticity.
  • Commitment: The drive of the collective effort, even when that effort is HARD or UNEXPECTED.

Level Up:


Level 2
Create change through OTHERS

In this level, players will understand how to effect positive social change.


  • Collaboration: Working with others toward shared aspirations; empowering others through trust.
  • Common Purpose: Engaging in a collective analysis of the mission and vision of the group.
  • Controversy with Civility: Recognizing that differences in viewpoint are inevitable and that these differences must be discussed in order to move the team forward.

Level Up:


Level 3
Create change through COMMUNITY

This level challenges players to create change by understanding their responsibility to the community and society.


  • Citizenship: Sense of Belonging and Ownership in a community; how do we build, empower, and maintain this?

The goal of the game: CHANGE. "The ability to adapt to environments and situations that are constantly evolving, while maintaining the core functions of the group. Change is the value “hub” which gives meaning to the 7 C’s and is the ultimate goal of the creative process of leadership – to make a better world and a better society for self and others."

Keynote Speaker
Sara Lowery

Sara Lowery is a professional speaker and Associate Director of Fraternity and Sorority Leadership & Learning at the University of Delaware. She speaks to audiences about authentic leadership, staying mentally healthy, and promoting real love is SELF LOVE. As a speaker, she is doing the two things she loves the most: encouraging audiences to think critically about their leadership journeys and inspiring people to be their best even if they think their walk is a mess! She has shared her messages with many colleges and institutions nationwide.

As a campus-based professional for over 15 years she works to develop student leaders in supporting them navigate through their collegiate experience(s) as well as professionals in inspiring them to continue to think about crafting up-to-date WHYs, how to reach their goals, and learning how to celebrate the results which all make and encourage stronger leaders. She enjoys every opportunity which she has to interact with, teach, and learn from students.

She has received many awards and accolades but that is not the most important thing that she wants you to know. She wants her audiences to know that she has a sense of urgency to see students be the absolute best version of themselves. Mentoring has a special place in Sara’s heart because she admits daily that if there was no one to help support and show her a better way, she would have been on a much longer road of discovering her true self as discovering true success.

Along with working in higher education she also works for her personal company and brand EMPOWERING U, which was created to be in different venues to work with young girls and younger adult women in motivating themselves to be motivating and inspiring to themselves even in the dark moments.

Originally from everywhere but nowhere, this military brat currently resides in Salisbury, Maryland, identifying a combination of Maryland, North Carolina, and Philadelphia as home. Sara received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Salisbury University and her Masters of Education degree from Texas Tech University.

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We are committed to providing an atmosphere that fosters learning, personal growth, and exploration of individual and group leadership and service skills. These ideals are consistent to that of the University's mission. We have an ideal program for you whether you are new to FAU, an established student leader, faculty or staff, or somewhere in between!